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Sat, Mar. 27th, 2010, 11:28 pm

I built my router table super-quick-style a year ago to make that desk. I recently added a nice fence and T-track for a featherboard but I knew that its very low height of only 2 feet was a major problem for my back but didn't do anything about it.

Yesterday I did something about it. I took the 2x4 legs off and bolted on 3 foot long 4x4s instead and made them all square and nice. I also put a power switch/outlet combination on so I can turn the router on without having to stoop down and reach under the table to find the switch on the router. The surface of my router table is now at waist height and it's going to vastly improve my efficiency and drastically cut down on the additional back torture.

My stroke of genius, which really should have been obvious to me, was to make the router table exactly the same height as my table saw. I've been needing an outfeed table for the latter ever since I got it but haven't made one, owing to lack of funds, time, and I'm going to put a good fence on it eventually which would require a re-design of any outfeed table I made. Anyway, it dawned on me that my router table could double as the outfeed table for the saw, so I solved two problems at once. I can also put a spare half-sheet of melamine over the router table and have a pseudo-workbench at waist height now too, which is a big improvement over what I've been doing, which was putting it on top of two Rubbermaid storage things.

I put a pair of wheels on the sides of two of the router table's legs too, so I can just tilt up one end and wheel it around, which will help my back too.

I'm looking forward to trying out this new system. I won't have to dread the back torture of running stuff through the router so much now. It was really bad having to stoop over it before.

In other news, I did my longest bike ride in two years today: 31 miles! It isn't a lot by "real" cyclists' standards, but considering that I'm on a mountain bike and went up some long hills, I'm stoked. My bike computer tells me how many calories I've burned too, among other things. Today I went through 1,200 calories on my ride. I did 67 miles this week total, which is somewhere around 2600 calories. I burned over an entire day's worth of food just on bike rides. Not bad!

I really, really, REALLY want to get a decent road bike. I've road-ified my mountain bike as much as I can but I'm still stuck with something that's too heavy and beefy for what I need. Once I get some money coming in from the framing I'm going to get a used, possibly semi-old bike, off of Craigslist.

Speaking of framing, I stopped by Vistra, the first place I had talked to about my venture, a few days ago to show the guy my samples. He gave me some feedback on which ones he liked and then told me that he wants a bid on a job! He gave me the specific dimensions and style of the molding he wants (he used to do this himself so he knows his stuff) and says he needs 14 large-ish frames' worth. It's easily a $400 job. He said he'd be able to send stuff like this my way but I didn't expect it to happen this soon!

It's probably mostly likely that I'll get this other order for 20 frames' worth of molding for another place. Within two weeks of starting this venture I've already semi-got two jobs worth nearly $1000!

Let's hope it continues.