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Thu, May. 6th, 2010, 09:33 am
Dunno why I didn't think of this before

The person at the photo place wants me to make a frame identical to the one you see below, as she is pretty confident that she can sell my complete frames there. Awesome! Yesterday I got started, having bought a bunch of wood the day before.

My jointer was out of commission, as I have to pick up the newly-sharpened knives today and hope that the infeed table is at least flat enough to function mostly, which isn't terribly likely but you never know. The wood was bowed about 1/16", which is a lot, and that's when I realized that I could flatten it on my table saw. I ripped two pieces to 1.5" wide by 36" long, put the concave side against the fence, and cut off the bump in the middle of the other side. Flipped the board over and shaved off the concave side's ends. Did the same with the other board. It worked marvelously!

It's much faster to do this on the jointer, which I should have running soon, but it means that I don't need a planer for a while. I can put a flat face on a board with the jointer, then just cut it to thickness on the table saw. Sweet!

The downside is that this works only for smaller pieces (under 3" wide) and does take more time. With a planer I could surface 12" worth of board width at once, with the table saw I have to do individual narrow pieces. But then again, with the table saw I make only one pass regardless of the thickness of the board. A planer can take off only 1/16" at a time; my saw can do any thickness.

For production work of a hundred feet of molding this probably isn't how I'll go about it, but for small orders and for making completed frames I think I've solved a significant problem!

I figured that making picture frame molding would be relatively easy, tool-wise, compared to making furniture out of big pieces and it looks like I was right. I doubt I'll be making anything wider than 3 inches, which both my jointer and saw can handle.

Yep, another uninteresting and somewhat arcane post!

Now I'm going to go tear my hair out putting those jointer knives in, hopefully without cutting myself.