Art in the machines

For the love of systems

1 August
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I am me. Surprising, eh?
4-wheeling, 4x4, a tribe called quest, aesthetics, alex paterson, aphex twin, apollo 440, arcata, art, asian cooking, asian dub foundation, asian massive, astral projection, astronomy, baby seals, backpacking, being happy, being naked, breathing, building things, california, candles, cannibal ox, captain tinrib, chinese philosophy, chocolate, classical, cloudy days, clubbing baby seals, college, compassion, cooking, creativity, cuddling, dancing, deltron 3030, digable planets, digicams, digital photography, dnb, donnie darko, drinking, environment, environmental science, epoxy, equal rights, eureka, existing, exploring, fatboy slim, food, forests, friends, fun, girls, green, green tea, groove armada, growing, hands, happy hardcore, hard house, hardcore, hieroglyphics, hiking, humans, humboldt, humboldt county, humboldt state university, jedi mind tricks, jungle, juno reactor, laughing, laughter, life, lightning, love, manu chao, mckinleyville, music, mycology, nature, neal stephenson, new age, nintendo, northern california, nostrum, nu-nrg, offenbach, oil lamps, orgasms, other kinds of music, outdoors, peace, people, philosophy, photography, pictures, plants, pondering, procrastinating, raves, reading, redwoods, relaxing, road trips, science, sensuality, sex, shpongle, silver wire, skin, sleep, sleeping, sleeping in, sourdough, special brownies, spirituality, sporks, squarepusher, starving crazed weasels, sunshine, swing, talvin singh, taoism, tea, technical stuff, the beach, the power of perception, the roots, the simpsons, thievery corporation, thinking, time, tinkering, tortoise, toyotas, trance, transglobal underground, tristeza, uakti, underworld, weather, women, writing